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About The Conference

Global Voices Online was born at last year’s workshop for international bloggers, held on the final day of the Votes Bits & Bytes Conference put on by the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard Law School.

The Global Voices Online blog at www.globalvoicesonline.org has now emerged as the leading online portal and guide to international blogs beyond North America and Western Europe. It has also become the hub of a growing community of international bloggers who want to build a better global conversation.

Global Voices Online Site

Global Voices II, on December 10th, will be an opportunity for contributors and community members to take stock of what we’ve done, promote our successes, and brainstorm about what a global citizens’ media community might accomplish going forward. Thanks to the generous support of Reuters, the gathering will be held at the Reuters world headquarters in Canary Wharf, London. The daylong meeting includes four sessions, oriented primarily to participants in the Global Voices effort, but also of interest to a wider set of conference attendees.

For more information about last year’s conference see: “International Bloggers Start Connecting the Dots“.

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