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Conference Particpation (Remotely)

Webcast: Click here to listen to the live webcast. (Can be opened in iTunes, or in most mp3 players that support streaming.) Starting at 10:00am London time, Saturday December 10.

If the previous link doesn’t work for you, try this one, which should open a mp3 stream within your browser, rather than in an internal application.

Live Chat: Participate on the live Internet Relay Chat on Freenode at #globalvoices. Those who haven’t used IRC before can click here for instructions on downloading IRC clients and joining the #globalvoices chat.

Live Transcript: Transcription of the conversation will appear in real time on the #is2k5 freenode channel (see instruction link above for how to get on).

Live Blog: Angelo Embuldeniya and Delal will be live-blogging from the IRC transcript on the Global Voices ‘05 Live Blog (this blog)

E-mail: For those hoping to participate remotely or physically we have set up a Google e-mail group. To join the list for announcements and pre-conference discussion please sign up at: http://groups.google.com/group/GV-London05

If you have some views about what we should be discussing at the conference and/or about where Global Voices should be going from here, please click here to share them on our special wiki page.

The wiki page also includes links to a sign-up sheet for Friday & Saturday dinners, plus a possible Sunday brunch.

If you plan to attend remotely via webcast and IRC and want to introduce yourself in advance to the group, please tell us about yourself on the IRC wiki here.



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