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GV 05 Summit Started: Participants are being introduced. December 10, 2005

Posted by Angelo Embuldeniya in GV05.

The Global Voices Online 2005 Summit just got underway a few minutes ago at the Reuters HQ in London where particiapants are giving everyone a short introduction about themselves and their blogging activities. Not all participants are bloggers, some are journalists, others from non-profit foundations and organizations and we even have a senator from Thailand!

ย [Group Photo of the Conference (via flickr from Sabbah)]

Below are just some of the many introductions that were announced at the start of the conference:

Boris Anthony, from Canada – I *build* weblogs
Marvin Hall is from Kingston, Jamaica: very /old/ blog, 2 days old; blog about cihldren, biulding robotics, digital space.
Fred Petrusians – living in Spain, Brussels Belgium;
Roby Al Anpai is a Ailipino in Thailand – we work on press freedom.
Nart Villaneuve: blogs about ‘net censorship and filtering
Michelle Levesque [leveke]: I have an ego-blog
Julian Wilfson: civil society blog…
Lisa, from Telaviv in Israel: about life and humaniaizng the other
Peter Levitt: living in Oxford
Ben Palmen: based in London, blogging about C. Asia
Becky, from London: personally I blog about the issue of … technology…
Colin Maclay, managing director of the berkman center – I don’t blog, but I may one day ๐Ÿ™‚
Urs Gasser from switz – run an information blog
Anthony Barnett – opendemocracy.net from London
Dan Gillmor from the US – blogs about many things including tech and … blogging ๐Ÿ™‚
Jim Morelee from Cambridge, UK – here particulalry for the fun session abotut translation/lang issues
Jeremy from Prague; from an org named TOL, bsaed in prague. starting up a project to promote blogging as a tool for free speech in central asia, starting next year.
Kitty Airy – originally from the US, in London now; freelance journo worked on and off for reuters and lernet?
Mark Jones – based in London with AlertNet
Kevin Nguyen – from Beijing; working at boke.com, blogging about blogs and tech
Ben Walker – have radio/website called the theroy of everything..
Kevin Wen
Hossein Derakhshan – from iran; also known as hoder – currently homeless and unemployed… ๐Ÿ™‚
Andrew Nachison, US – group blog I contribute to occasionally, on media and culture
Sharam Khozy – Iranian/Canadian. got addicted to the net by a good supervisor of mine, ron egert? at utor; – got addicted to blogs specifically by hoder
Peter Anderson; affil with harvard but also with eBay
Samis Said – work on int’l and arabic website
SJ – based in the us, blog about communication of all kinds
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1. Katy - December 10, 2005

No blogging about Friday night activities? ๐Ÿ˜‰

2. aparna - December 10, 2005

is it being transmitted live yet? Not getting the audio stream!

3. kalllah - December 16, 2005

it’s ron deibert, not “egert”

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